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b. 1988, Winnipeg, Manitoba but currently lives and works in NYC.

BFA/Fashion Design/Pratt Institute (2012)

MFA /Studio Arts/The Art Institute of Chicago SAIC (2021) 

"the work" explores the different ways we materialize the significance of particular people, places and moments in our lives through a process of collection, juxtaposition, abstraction and commemoration.

Manipulation and amalgamation of familiar objects and keepsakes in the work explores how we articulate our memories. When and what can be considered a "souvenir"? Is a lifetime collection of souvenirs a single souvenir of a person? 

Why memorialize anything in the ways that we do? Is it really as straight-forward as temporal insecurity? The Egyptians built elaborate tombs for the few, now we make photo blankets for the many. Do our individual attempts to achieve permanence only really gesture at it?


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